Let’s hit back with some good old electro discotheque melodies with The Feels‘ self-titled debut EP. The six-track collection captivates the ears with a plethora of highly infectious synth pop harmonies all laden in funky electro flavor.


This three-piece group from Florence, SC, has slowly been reshaping their sound to create tracks that are not only unique but also appeals to the listeners’ taste. In the first track, All Your Faults, The Feels treats us with a solid combination of high-pitched electro keys and reverberating pop beats. The track pumps up energy while balancing it out with saccharine female vocals.

Meanwhile, Wild creates an addictive hook of keys that interplay with uptempo beats. With minimal accompaniment from sweet vocals, the song bursts with pop goodness through and through.

Standout track Nothing To Lose channels electro pop with hints of surf rock goodness. In this piece, The Feels utilizes a blend of electro melodies and guitar to signal an entry to something magical. Put on your headphones, turn the volume up, and let this whimsical piece energize your day.

The Feels EP is all about building momentum and accomplishing a polished collection that sticks to a chosen genre. Here, the band successfully introduces themselves and their signature sound, winning new listeners.

Track List:
1. All Your Faults
2. Wild
3. Nothing To Lose
4. Plans
5. In The Blue
6. Alive Again

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