Viola is a Finnish duo that creates funky electronic music. This quirky outfit is actually a musical duo who describes themselves as “influenced by beautiful heartfelt music, ass-shaking beats, sub-par humor and hidden messages.” Moreover, they admit to being the type of people who usually sit in one corner of a club or “discotheque” and like to watch other people have fun.

This same voyeuristic/observant persona reverberates in the duo’s music. Their sound is laid back electronic dance pop with a certain element of mystery. The songs seem familiar and likable, perfect for lounging and well, watching other people.

Wonderabilia is a fun and happy album that’s filled with an eclectic mix of electronica, pop, humor and Will Ferrell (according to the boys.) Opener, Unreal Life, sort of sets up the stage on what you can expect from the rest of the album. Its twinkling keyboards and the 80s sounding synth vocals transports you in another era. When the duo says they “make music to dance to – for people who seldom dance outside the dancefloor of their minds;” you can bet that they manage to pull this off quite smoothly.

Meanwhile, Planet Struck is a somber cut that sounds like an ode to a love one, coming from a guy who was recently rejected. The song features a mellow tone that makes you think of a distant and cold planet, singing alone to a dark, dark universe. It’s an interesting song that slightly deviates from the dancy electronic pop that the duo loves to make. Nevertheless, it does have their signature quirkiness stamped in it.

Overall, the record is pretty interesting. It’s not exactly my cup of tea since I’m not much into electronic pop but it works. It’s  a good listen if you love the genre and worth checking out.

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