60s/70s sounding rock with Neil Young soundalike vocals. People will love The Liquid Kitchen for the same reason that they love old rock and roll music.

2 Days A Night compiles one catchy track after another, tie it together with enjoyable lyrics, clean guitar licks and you have yourself a great rock and roll band. This is all on top of the Neil Young sounding vocals which is an obvious attraction in itself.

Like their hometown of Texas, The Liquid Kitchen is a big act to watch out for. With their brand of simple, chanty lyrics and melodic rhythms fused with 60s and 70s rock, this band is surely no horse with no name.

After staying away from the business for some time, Jason (vocals) and Sato (drums) finally decided to join the crazy world of rock and roll again and create some soulful music. Shoosh (bass) was a replacement for their previous bassist (Loren Dietzel) who turned over the bass guitar to handle more important duties – parenting. Finally, Gio (guitars) adds a Brazillian touch with his licks and textures. He’s also hailed as the “resident tone-freak of the band.”

With a love for 60s and 70s rock music, The Liquid Kitchen seeks to capture the soul of the era and at the same time exploit the full potential of available technology today. Hence, it’s no wonder their sound is a great blend of clean, simple yet effective guitar rock music that shows hints of the past without being overbearing.

2 Days A Night is an album with 10 soulful rock and roll tracks that does justice to the 70s rock scene. They open Graveyard with nice jangly guitars coupled with melodic vocals. This track is a fusion of classic rock right here, from the sing along vocals to the guitar licks, it’s hard not to top anybody’s favorite list. Serial Killer, however, is perhaps the track that contains the closest Neil Young-esque vocals.

According to their Facebook site, “TLK wants to bring back the element of fun that has been missing in rock and roll in the past decade.” Personally, I think they succeeded, how about you, what do you think?

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