Simon & Garfunkel

Broken Fences: Broken Fences

Save some feel-good nostalgia for Broken Fences latest self-titled album. Released last June 1, this acoustic treasure boasts twelve tracks that will move anyone's heart. This indie-folk duo from Pittsburgh is composed of Morgan Erina and Guy Russo. With a sound comparable to Bon Iver and Simon & Garfunkel, acoustic fans out there will surely love this talented group. Song For You opens with Morgan's soulful voice that sounds like Alanis Morisette. Blended with ambient strings that tones down to make way with whispering keys, this acoustic track is soft and powerful at the same time.

Bryyn: FTTme

Swiss music is always good to have since only a few are around to choose from. Hailing from Lausanne, Switzerland, the French-speaking part of the country, Bryyn is the living proof that army knives and hot chocolate beverages are not the only things that the Swiss should be proud of. Most of his songs are written and recorded at his apartment together with his wife, Rachel and a couple of his friends playing the instruments.

Josh Woodward – Sunny Side of the Street

Josh Woodward is no stranger here in the Frostclick blog. Some of his records have been featured and reviewed right here; these include: The Simple Life, Only Whispering, Bread Crumbs, and Dirty Wings. Like most of Woodward's music, the albums are mainly pop songs with a touch of quirkiness embedded on the lyrics. He always manages to create an enjoyable record that anybody will enjoy on their quiet time. Sunny Side of the Street is no exception, it features beautiful, upbeat tracks with funny lyrics. It's also licensed under Creative Commons and available as a free download. It's not tough to fall in love with Woodward's music. Just pick and listen to any song from this record and you'll find out what I'm talking about.