This German pop rocker certainly knows how to deliver punchy, cool and catchy pop rock tracks that are great for easy listening. Yet another side project, babyPaul, includes 11 pop rock tunes in this compilation.

All the cuts in Moodswings are easy to listen to, relaxing, and catchy. It also features nice vocals from babyPaul and considered to be one of the more popular albums in Jamendo.

BabyPaul has been a busy man. He’s recorded various tracks and albums from different bands and side projects including The Wanderers, Friend Of Toy, ¬†and The Major. One of his more recent endeavors were that of German pop rock duo BabyPaul & Miller. He has performed in a variety of places all over the world and currently considered as a top producer.

As for his music, babyPaul seems to have a knack for balancing his lyrical skills to that of his melody; creating a beautiful pop melodramatic sound that’s easily likable. Some of the more prominent tracks in the album include the sweet “How Are You.” With its acoustic guitar elements, beautiful violin solo and expressive vocals from babyPaul, the track is the perfect love song to send to your special someone.

Although some of the songs are a little too melodramatic, (for my taste that is) it’s not hard to listen to the entire album without cringing. BabyPaul’s lyrics along with his expressive vocals and melodies definitely contribute to creating a great sounding album without any pretensions.

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