One of my favorite BandCamp finds as of late, Julio y Agosto, is a quaint Spanish Argentinian group who create lovely acoustic folk music. They first started back in 2006, creating beautiful and soothing music that makes you think of woodland forests or some faraway land where fairies and all sorts of wonderful creatures exist.

This self-titled record was released last October 2011 and it definitely has the capacity to mesmerize audiences with its simple yet melodic cuts. They combine quirkiness and humor in their songs, which are accompanied by a host of instruments like the violin, trombone, bass, guitars, percussions and voice.

This five piece crew started off as a trio, with Santi, Migue and Marce. Later on, Guido on violin and Anaclara on flute joined in on the fun. Julio y Agosto is definitely a band that I would recommend if you love your acoustic folk. Regardless of whether you understand the language or not, their sound and instruments alone is enchanting enough.

Some of my favorite compositions out of the record include the quirky track, Heracio Enriquez, which has this hokey vibe that makes me think of western shows or old school silent films. Another one of my favorites is the quiet acoustic single, Espejo or mirror in English. The lovely mix of violins, beautiful guitars and the harmonic vocal work definitely works for me.

Overall, if you have a soft spot for acoustic folk music with a little quirkiness to it, then you should be listening to this. Even though I can only understand phrases and words from the lyrics, that didn’t stop me from loving the record. Worth checking out if you ask me.┬áThe album is available as a free download over at the band’s BandCamp page.

Here’s their first music video titled “Caja Ninja” released December 15th of 2011 on Vimeo.

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