Simple, simple, simple, but it doesn’t mean it’s not good. Easy listening pop rock is what best describes Jonathan Dimmel’s music. There are times when we need simple and straightforward songs to make us feel good and Closer at the Start is the best candidate if you want something not so loud, not too quiet and not too sappy.

According to Dimmel, the songs are “strait(sic) from the heart. ¬†I was over trying to make something commercial, this is my first attempt at just letting what comes out happen.” Perhaps he should have tried this method sooner.

Pop music is not so much my cup of tea, but once in a blue moon I like to indulge myself in a little Britney and Gaga. Okay, so maybe a little bit of Adam too, but there’s no doubt that looking for a good quality pop male vocalist is not walk in the park. Enter John Dimmel. He might not have John Mayer’s penchant for words (but somehow that seems like a good thing) or his throaty (slightly sexy) vocals, but Dimmel offers simple yet sweet pop tracks that sometimes people just need in their system.

Closer to the Start is a collection of 7 melodic tracks that, like his cover picture, can easily serve as a background track to a quiet afternoon walk. What I like about this album is that you can tell it is not pretentious. As Dimmel admits, it’s a result of “just letting what comes out happen.”

In spite of the simple lyrics, rhythm and arrangements, each track resonates with a certain soul. It reflects what it means to just drop everything and play…from the heart.

The compilation opens up with Always part I which is a perfect companion to a book and lemonade on a warm and relaxing Saturday afternoon. Its catchy refrain sticks and quiet piano backdrop, coupled with sincere vocals makes it a lovable track.

Remembering Ten’s start is a bit abrupt but the entire track is a comforting song that makes you remember those little moments that you said or did which you thought didn’t matter so much. Like most his songs, this track creates a relaxing vibe.

For those who might be looking for complicated arrangements, impressive vocal range and  engaging solos, you might want to steer clear. But those looking for simple, sincere and honest music, this can be a great listen.

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