North Carolina

Meager Fare: Meager Fare EP

‘Meager fare’ doesn’t necessarily always mean some form of scarcity. If we’ll allude things to the band’s name, Meager Band, then it must be said that they have refuted themselves, since from lacking — they composed music out of their songwriting trips to the NC mountains — came a bunch of music that are just as rich as any other glossy mainstream project out there.

Mountain Oasis Festival Sampler 2013

Something is happening today. A number of great artists are coming together to give you a taste of some of the most amazing contemporary electronic sounds, for full 3 days. Sounds great, right? Unfortunately since not all of us can appear in Asheville, NC in person, seeing it all live is a problem. Fortunately the good folks over at The Mountain Oasis Electronic Music Summit released a nice 11 track sampler to give us a taste in the comfort of our own homes.

Cassis Orange – Cassis Orange EP

Cassis Orange is a one woman ectro-pop act by North Carolina native Autumn Ethinger. She lived in Japan for a while hence the name Cassies Orange which is an Japanese alcoholic drink. Cassis Orange EP is hook laden pop sung in a straight forward manner. She uses a plain synth and drum machine that may seem cheesy were it not for her strong vocals and songwriting. There's a certain charm to how it goes together. Casssis Orange is on North Carolina based label Grip Tapes that has quite a few acts worth checking out.