Nothing could be more perfect than to finish off your day with tasteful acoustic music. In The All Of Us EP, Orlando-based musician Reggie Williams spreads some positive vibes with six songs, which feature crisp acoustic strings.

First stop is You Make Me Feel. Kick off your shoes, put your feet up, and enjoy a bottle of beer while you get lost with steady, upbeat harmonies. Williams’ radio-polished vocals is really refreshing to listen to.

I Don’t Know How To is a charming, funky track that features a vibrant arrangement. This song glows brightly and will surely drive your worries away. While things slow down a bit in If You Could Choose. Press play and let Williams serenade you with clean vocals and reflective lines.

Moving On is the ideal backdrop to late-night drinks and conversations with good friends. It showcases a loungey/acoustic arrangement that builds into a splendid chorus that has a strong recall.


In I Wanna Live, Williams closes the album in a celebration of sound with pulsating drum beats and reverberating vocals. Let your body move into its own rhythm as you enjoy this sonic gem.

The All Of Us EP is Reggie Williams‘ masterpiece that mirrors his passion for life and music. His vocal quality is also a cherry on top of the cake, I wouldn’t get tired to listen to this kind of music all day.

Track List:
1. You Make Me Feel
2. I Don’t Know How
3. If You Could Choose
4. Moving On
5. Meant To Be
6. I Wanna Live

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