Gepel is a jazz trio from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Founded in 2006 they released their first album, Moducué (meaning ‘thanks’ in Lucumí, a Yoruba dialect), the very same year. The album, which came out under the wings of the Dharmasound Netlabel, is a collection of six wonderful tracks, each showcasing the great musical talents of its members.

So if you are in the mood for original compositions with some excellent deep sounds of bass, heart piercing percussion, and rich piano – Gepel is definitely for you!

There has to be something special about a band that makes you feel like you are listening to their live performance somewhere in a low lit shadows of a true jazz club even when what you are really doing is as mundane as running errands around town. It seems, however, that Gepel is good in making just that happen.

Moducué is a collection of original tracks from which each one is dedicated to a specific yet popular music ‘language’ from Latin America. All of those distinctive sounds, however, are tied exceptionally well within the traditional (or rather traditional North American) texture of jazz.
All in all I did not come across even one weak composition, and although there is always a track highlighting the outstanding abilities of a band’s member, all of the 30 minutes from the recording showcase just how well those ‘abilities’ work together.

Moducué might be Gepel’s first release, but it certainly is not the last. In 2010, the band made their second, and equally amazing album, Kuska, available for a download to its fans. So let’s hope there is still more to come in the future!

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