Bit Laden is a Barcelona-based crew that specializes in creating funky electronic music with fun 8-bit elements.

Made up of Joey Zeke Stolen on guitars, Gumbel – on “little buttons” and El as Fraguas; the trio creates a set of cuts that introduces several elements. Tienes Sida (EP2) is quite short but it’s enough to give listeners a good feel for the band’s music.

The EP contains four tracks that abound in electronica, arcade sounds and a whole mix of genres in the mix.

Combining electropop and a barrage of funky sounds, Tienes Sida is an engaging compilation. Beginning with an unusual intro track, the actual EP doesn’t start once you hit play on the second track.

Agencia Central de Enfermedades combines a bunch of unusual sounds but it sticks to a general beat and rhythm that’s easy to groove along to. It’s easy to picture the cut as background music to an action filled commercial advert or movie snippet. The World’s Greatest Robbery Series presents: H1N1 is another dramatic electronic dub cut that has that Mission Impossible vibe. One of the best tracks to drop on the dancefloor and enjoy.

Finally, the 4-track compilation is finished off with Chimio-Ballad. The longest cut on here, you’ll find an abundance of sweet, dreamy twinkly sounds embedded in the track.

Despite being short, the tracks here are quite compelling. They are perfect for the dancefloor but also for those dark, atmospheric nights where you just want something to chill out to. Take a listen. You can grab this as a free download.

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