Another Ludlum Dare entry, Singlehandedly is a cool platformer that was done in the vein of Megaman. Ludlum Dare is a game challenge where participants are tasked to create games for a set period of time. This whole event was started back in April 2002 by Geoff Howland.

Created by Jacob Pavone, Singlehandedly, lets you play as a young hero with a perpetual laser gun seemingly strapped to his hand. You can blast away enemies and overcome obstacles that come your way.

The game is simple but definitely quite fun to play. If you adore platform games and love the Megaman series, then this game would definitely please you.

Your little blue protagonist can easily fire at enemies or blast away breakable walls with the help of his laser gun. By breaking away certain walls, you can discover other hidden passages to use. Other abilities include rocket jumping over hot molten lava.

It’s possible to obtain ammunition or increase health by keeping an eye out for treaseure chests. Your ammunition does get replenished automatically but it will take time. Something that might become a constraint when enemies are right around the corner. Grabbing at the little green orbs that you’ll come across can also help improve the health status.

Also, don’t expect this game to be forgiving. It is relatively short but it is quite difficult to beat. Luckily, you can save the game everytime you see a green block on the ceiling. All you have to do is shoot at it in order to save your status.

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