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Can Knockdown

Miss going to the carnival and playing those standard carnie games? Well, here's your chance to bring the fun wherever you are or simply satisfy your nostalgia for the old times. Can Knockdown is the electronic version of those throw-a-ball-on-a-stack-of-bottles carnival game that you might remember playing as a kid. The game is created by Infinite Games. The company is no newbie to the world of portable gaming, having released several games in different platforms like Symbian, PPC, Palm, and even N-Gage. For their iPhone and iPad game titles, the list includes Sky Force and Sky Force Reloaded, iQuarium, Sailboat Championship and among others.

Contract Killer

Contract Killer is one of those games you try out once and never put down again for a very long time. In the game you play, well, a contract killer. As an assassin you take hit assignments initially for the government but fall from your superiors graces and end up taking assignments from various shady people. Some people might get bothered by the game premise, but it's still a very addictive game to play. It was created by Glu Games, Inc., who promises to keep updating the game and adding more content and levels while keeping it all free.

Gun Bros

If you have an affinity for shooter games where you get to be the hero, shoot tons of bad guys and eventually save the day, Gun Bros is for you. The storyline isn't much, in fact, it's as predictable as can be. You're simply a gun toting special soldier who is bent on carrying your mission: "to protect the cosmos from the Tyrannical Oppressors of Life known as T.O.O.L." Armed with tons and tons of guns, you have to defend yourself against waves of enemies. They start off quite easy to kill but as you progress, you'll encounter bigger bad guys that'll test your skills. The game is offered absolutely free and plays on your iOs and Android devices beautifully.

Candy Train

If you were into PopCap games back then, then you must have remembered Candy Train at some point. This simple but entertaining game was a staple on the PopCap roster. In fact, it was even available as a flash game on their website. Fast forward to now and this addictive game is available as a free download for the iPhone and iPad. The game was released under PopCap's "indie label," 4th & Battery where they promised to deliver edgier and experimental games. I'm not so sure if you can call Candy Train edgy or experimental but one thing's for sure, it definitely has the charm of a PopCap title: making you want to do nothing but keep playing.


Chicktionary is essentially TextTwist with chickens. For the uninitiated, TextTwist is a popular word game that was created by GameHouse and runs in Java. As mentioned, Chicktionary is similar to TextTwist in that you have to come up with words using a provided set of letters. The only difference with this one is that you get clucking chickens who "hatch" the letters to form the words. Created by Blockdot. Inc, the game used to be offered for $1.99 when it first came out but currently it's being offered for free on the App Store. If you're up for some fun and maybe testing your vocabulary, give the game a go.

One Curious Nightfall

One Curious Nightfall is a short but very interesting game that's coupled with one awesome soundtrack. The game is beautiful and definitely worth checking out and experiencing for yourself. In the game, there are several rooms that you need to explore, with each room holding a surprise of its own. Gameplay is quite simple and the graphics is 2D but it's still pretty amazing. It's a bit short so don't expect to get too attached with the game since it might be over even before you start getting a feel for it. Give the game a try by hitting the download link on the upper left of the image.

Escape from NOM

Escape from Nom is a cheeky pinball type game from Glu. Initially sold, the game is now available as a free download from the App Store and it is among a long list of games released by Glu. The game was initially released back in 2010 and although there were initial mix ups with regards to its price; its been corrected ever since and is now offered absolutely free. Escape from NOM features colorful graphics and a fun gameplay that you can easily enjoy on your break time. There are about 30 levels to the game; providing you with enough entertainment as you please. Give the game a try.

Terra: The Legend of the Geochine

With only just a few days after its release, Terra: The Legend of The Geochine is already creating buzz in the indie gaming world. Of course, finding out that it hails from the doors of DigiPen adds to its prestige. If graphics are anything to go by, you can tell just by looking at that screenshot to the left, that it's gonna be a real treat. The student developers didn't skimp on the gameplay and storyline as well. This amazing puzzle game is definitely worth looking into. It provides enough of a challenge and gives players a fresh take on the whole puzzle thing. Certainly a game that you should try out whether you're looking to kill some time or looking for the next game to devote days into.

Singlehandedly (Jacob Pavone)

Another Ludlum Dare entry, Singlehandedly is a cool platformer that was done in the vein of Megaman. Ludlum Dare is a game challenge where participants are tasked to create games for a set period of time. This whole event was started back in April 2002 by Geoff Howland. Created by Jacob Pavone, Singlehandedly, lets you play as a young hero with a perpetual laser gun seemingly strapped to his hand. You can blast away enemies and overcome obstacles that come your way. The game is simple but definitely quite fun to play. If you adore platform games and love the Megaman series, then this game would definitely please you