The advent of blazing-fast devices like the iPad and iPhone 4S have given an all-new dimension to mobile gaming. Everywhere we look there is a new HD game title for the iOS platform that completely blows yours mind away. But outside of all of this craziness comes something else, and it is more than just entertaining. So if you are an avid physic-based game lover be sure to check FallDown. The game is amazingly fun and at the same time quite challenging.

Brought to life by Hannes Jensen, the developer has made a great effort and produced quite a challenging game in its own right. It take it’s cue and inspiration from a classic arcade game and old-timers will favor FallDown to a great extent. The developer has few other physic-based games under-his-belt for the iOS system.

The game does not beat-around-the bush with any hunky-dory tricks and gameplay. It has a simple concept and follows that very well. Players need to keep the ball falling from spaces of ledge and prevent the ball from getting stuck at the top – getting squashed. The concept is as simple as 1-2-3.

The game is fairly simple in the beginning and becomes monstrously complex with advancements. The graphic of the game really looks very crisp on the retina display and the game is lag free on most iOS 4 and above device. FallDown looks and feels very appealing with the presence of the gyroscope. Overall, this is one great game with all the power that it can pack. A must try for all physic-based game lovers and even the casual gamers.

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