virtual_skipper_onlineVirtual Skipper Online is a free version of a unique regatta game, Virtual Skipper 5, where you get to take the most famous boats in the world on offshore races on 14 of the best competitive watercourses including Valencia, Marseille, Trapani and Malmö – all venues of the America’s Cup. You can play the game solo or tap in into the VS5 online gamer community to play in the multiplayer mode with people from every continent.

Virtual Skipper Online is a very nicely animated and executed game. I was very pleasantly surprised to see how realistic the sea looked like, but I guess that’s the result of being the free version of a paid game. Even though Virtual Skipper Online can be a stand alone game, ultimately it is just an introduction to Virtual Skipper 5. Demo or not – I think it is still worth the free download 😛

I couldn’t find a good game play of the free version, but both look the same in therms of graphics and interface. Take a look!

The game comes to you from the makers of TrackManiaNadeo.

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