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Euthanasia might not be the next big horror game to watch out for, but it's certainly worth looking into. The game is offered as as free download and initially came out last year. In the game, you play as Shaun Randall, a retired military servicemen who ends up leading a boring, albeit slightly normal life; that is, until you are euthanised and killed. Then you start seeing the weird and the creepy, leaving you with a confusing but all too real dream. The latest version works great but you have to manually replace certain patches in order to make it fully playable. Despite the slight trouble of manually doing this, the game is certainly a must-try.


Subsonic takes the whole idea of stealth games a bit further. Normally, when you play games like this, there's usually some device that you use to keep your noise level down. Whether it's as simple as footpads or some hi-tech gadget that cushions your footsteps, hardly anybody in the game world has ever thought of actually creating a gadget that sees soundwaves. Well, until now, that is. In Subsonic, you play an agent for a group of merceneries who specializes in sound technology. Equipped with your sound-vision goggles, your task is to finish the objective for any particular level and get out alive.


Unlike most space shooters, Trapped is simply a tad bit confusing. The game doesn't just rely on you killing the enemy, you have to execute some special action before you can successfully eliminate them, protect your ship, and make a clean getaway. The game was created by Wiebo de Wit and was released just a couple of weeks ago. It's still currently being updated for any new bug fixes and other improvements that can be done. It's a cool shooter game though that's perfect when you're on break. Give it a quick download and see if you can crack this one.

TimeStill by Zack Banack

If you could stop time, what would you do? In TimeStill, there's no need to wonder. You get to stop time in order to obtain all these shiny things in your screen. You also get to jump on top of bullets to reach these little shards while dodging other harmful obstacles. The game was created by Zack Banack, who has had a ton of titles under his name ever since he started developing games back in 2008. Some of his titles include the handrawn shooter, Paper Dreams and Cactus and Arthur Lee's, Dunjin. Like his other games, TimeStill injects a certain twist. It's basically your typical platformer packed with interesting graphics and a cool gameplay. Check it out.

Crash Landing

Ever wonder what it must be like to drive and land your own spaceship? What controls do you need to use? Is the physics behind it all that difficult? Well, download Crash Landing and you might just find out how challenging it is to land your own space craft. This cool game is available for free download on iTunes. The game was created by and was first released about 3 years ago. The game gives players a chance to experience manipulating their own space shuttle where the objective is to land their spacecraft upright without crashing. If you're up for a challenge (and trust me, you'll get plenty of it here) then give this one a download.


Winner of the YoYo Games Winter Competition, Frozzd, is a cute little 2D platformer that certainly has its charm. The game itself is similar to Super Mario Galaxy, so if you are a fan of that then you might enjoy this one. Some even say that this one packs more fun than the one with the mustachioed plumber. The game was created by Jesse Venbrux, mastermind of such celebrated freeware games like the Karoshi Series. Hence, you can be sure to expect plenty of fun and good times ahead. Frozzd was done entirely on Gamemaker 7 and contains a typical storyline with some very cool, unique elements. Give the game a download from Jesse Venbrux's official page or right here on Frostclick. You won't regret it.

Glum Buster

If you are looking for a nice little puzzle platformer to pass the time, then Glum Buster is your best bet. The game is rather odd but its oddity is what makes it interesting in the first place. The weird thing is that there's hardly any explanation or instructions given in the game. Hence, players are forced to experiment and explore the various areas surrounding them. Glum Buster was created by Cosmind and took four years in the making using the Game Maker machine. However, it seems quite worth it. The gameplay is fun and quite enjoyable. Although it is a rather unusual platformer, it is definitely a cool game to check out. Best of all, it's offered absolutely free. Give a try.

Balloon Diaspora

Balloon Diaspora is a short but really fun point and click game made by, Jake Elliot, creator of Kentucky Route Zero. The game exudes a Myst-like vibe, cool graphics and awesome music, courtesy of Oliver Blank. The game is simple short but there's still some fun to be had despite the almost 15 minutes of gameplay only. In Balloon Diaspora, you play a stranded chap in an unknown and mysterious place. You're going to have to fix the balloon to get out. Fixing your ride means you need to talk to the locals and have them help you find patches of cloth to repair the balloon. This game is short and simple, perfect game to squeeze in your mini break.

Ulitsa Dimitrova

Ulitsa Dimitrova is a German game created by Lea Schönfelder and Gerard Delmas. This game actually won big as part of the 2010 IGF Student Winners. This one is quite unique and interesting. It's not just the graphics but the gameplay and storyline (or lack of it) are one of the major quirks for the game. You'll be playing, Pjotr, a homeless boy that lives in St. Petersburg. Why a seven-year old boy is living on the streets? You'll need to find out for yourself. And there are disturbing things in this game, but it is nevertheless, an okay game to play. The uniqueness of the graphics alone is interesting enough. Give it a go.