They say dreams are our brain’s way of showing us a deeper reality of our lives. If you are the type of who keeps a dream journal by their side to help remember dreams, then why not do it digitally? DreamDiary is a simple but effective program that lets users input their dreams and keep track of them.

The program was created by Muddybranch as a way to help people keep track of their dream experiences. It can also be used as a journal of sorts; recording day to day activities, thoughts etc.

It’s currently available for free download and works great on Mac OSX. Why not give it a go and see just what your dreams have in store for you.

DreamDiary is an effective tool that you can use to record memories, personal rantings, and of course, day to day dreams. The program provides a simple interface that is easy to navigate and use even for those who are not really computer savvy. Users can easily add details like dates, time, description, theme, characters or even keywords.

After writing down much of the dream and its details, users have the option to write their comments about it.¬†This can help them record their emotions or what they’re thoughts about the dream are.¬†Other important functions include password protection, print capabilities, instant search, calendar, dream signs and encryption.

Overall, the program is fairly easy to use. Although not that many people might have the time to record their dreams, this is a really great tool to have if you ever decide to take up the endeavor.

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