There are times when all you need to make you happy is a van, musical instruments, the wonderful English countryside and a sense of adventure. Still Traveling EP by Eva & Manu is a beautiful example of what happens when you drop everything and go on a road trip across Europe, helping people on the way while creating wonderful music.

This amazing duo is currently criss-crossing Europe, spreading and playing their music for small villages and anyone who is willing to listen. Their sound is a blend of hypnotic folk with beautiful melodies that suits the tranquil countryside.  This is the first EP from the twosome and they’re using their experiences during travel to create songs and compile a full album.

Even though the EP is a bit short (only four songs,)  it’s still brimming with promise. The songs are beautifully crafted, each one making you feel as if you are on the roadtrip yourself as you glance through the wonderful passing scenery.

Opening track, Feet in the Water,  is a mix of old-world folk, gorgeous melodies and beautiful harmonic vocals from the duo. Eva’s voice sounds like a woodland nymph serenading a lush garden; letting you dream away and relax while listening. In Montreal, meanwhile, is a reflective song that easily captivates. The moody guitars along with Manu’s lovely vocals perfectly expresses the lyrics.

If Only features gorgeous vocals from both Eva and Manu as well as really sweet lyrics while, Forgive Me, caps off the EP with a striking somber tone as opposed to the upbeat opener.  Nevertheless, Eva & Manu still successfully mesmerize their listeners with this beautiful track.

Still Travelling EP is one compilation that’s shouldn’t be missed. If you’re into indie folk with a slight hint of rock, this is one release worth checking out.

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