Daphne Willis combines sugar and spice with her free collection in Noisetrade titled “Get It.” The songstress from Nashville has spruced up six pieces that celebrate the good stuff that pop music has to offer.

With a few collaboration with big mainstream names, such as Meghan Trainor (who wrote the track “Done With Bein’ Done) and Capital Cities member Spencer Ludwig (featured in “Soul Thang” and “Get It”), this collection only promises awesomeness from start to finish.


Welcoming the ears with heaps of energy is Done With Bein’ Done. The track features a musicality between Meghan Trainor’s signature sass in words and delivery as well as Daphne Willis’ powerful vocals.

Soul Thang (Feat. Spencer Ludwig) takes on a more R&B/electro-dance vibe with some heart-pumping beats swirled with jazzy trumpets, which are perfect for some chill dancing. Take My Time, on the other hand, features a stripped-down acoustic arrangement. With only playful guitars on the background and some beats, Daphne Willis’ spunky yet whimsical timbre shines throughout the piece.

Meanwhile, Get It (Feat. Spencer Ludwig) is a pocketful of sunshine with quirky melodies paired well with crisp vocals from Daphne Willis.

All in all, Daphne Willis‘ “Get It” is, as what its name says, something you should really try to download as this collection offers a flawless pop experience.

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