What started as a post college project has become a full blown musical endeavor for Archipelago founder, Peter Naddeo. Born in the Appalachian trail of Blue Mountain, the singer/songwriter is currently doing double duties for several bands. Most notably, he plays guitar for indie folk pop group, Laura and the Cans.

Have Here is the eighth release from the collective. Their ability to change things up is providing a whole new landscape of sound in their compilations; garnering positive results from musicians and fans alike. Some of their previous releases include Teenage Suicide Notes, Paper Trails EP, Hollow Bones EP, and Coasting to name a few. 

Unlike their prior releases like, Teenage Suicide Notes, where they rocked a full on Beatles pop/Elliot Smith vibe; Have Here serenades with a more indie folk pop flair. Bits and bobs of ambient post-rock seep through the cracks every now and then to remind listeners that some of the best music can be had for free.

Opening song Snowrise Sunmelt is a gorgeous example of this post-rock ambient sound that resonates in certain places of the record. This moody affair is a bit short but it captures that seasonal change perfectly. It also makes a great contrast to the second track, Tell Me. With shady low-key vocals and the catchiness of a Jimmy Eats World song, it’s a lovely piece to relax to.

Meanwhile, songs like Hour Dearly Devoted, are more experimental in terms of instruments. You’ll likely hear tinkly beats, typewriters and conversations along with subtle harmonic vocals incorporated in the cut. Even though the album generally hovers around indie folk pop, there’s a wonderful mix of instruments, beats, melodies and musical genres in this record. Definitely something to love and appreciate for indie music fans everywhere.

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