Plastic Evolution’s At a Wooden Desk is a dreamy, indie acoustic/electric guitar infused album. Plastic Evolution is a one man band from Nijmegen, Netherlands. As much as I’d love to tell you who he is, it seems that he’s keeping that a secret. After several attempts at Google, all I could come up with is that he uses Gerben/Gnoeben as username on Last FM. I guess we can just settle with calling him Plastic Evolution for now. The musician creates indie lo-fi, alternative tracks right in the comfort of his bedroom. His album contains 6 tracks that are filled with sincere yet barely there vocals along with a great blend of samples, acoustic and electric guitars as well as a trippy mood.

The album is available as a free download under a creative commons license. Go ahead and download it here in Frostclick as well.

At a Wooden Desk opens with Curio. Opening with a weird, scratchy sample, it moves to a semi upbeat tempo. The track has a nice melody to it provided you can forgive the very subtle vocal work.  Sideline, on the other hand, is a haunting cut that could pass for a romantic ballad of sorts.

Meanwhile, Never is perhaps one of my favorite cuts on this compilation. The track opens with beautiful guitar strumming and the quiet, blurry vocals compliments the cut. It progresses into a more upbeat sound by the end of the first verse and maintains this laid-back beat throughout.

Listening to Plastic Evolution makes me feel as if I’m watching the busy highway from inside a loud passing train. Each cut creates an impression long enough for you to take it in. Even though that perfect moment might be fleeting, the impression stays embedded in your senses.

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