Fauve! Gegen A Rhino loves to experiment. Their sound is a mixture of unusual sounds, guitar distortions, weird chimes and occasional haunting/cryptic vocals. This is the second official release from this three piece Italian crew.
Made up of Andrea, Matteo and Riccardo, this eclectic, electronic noise rock trio have members that are all in their early 20s. Despite the young age, they create a sound that is unique and encompasses a multitude of genres.

If you love electronic pop or pretty much anything that can be characterized as an odd combination of sound, noise, bits and bobs – take a listen.

The songs resound with a chaotic mix of sounds, from breakbeats to funky guitars to weird samples. Everything comes together to create an interesting piece that’s hard to confine to a single box. A cut like A Velvet Heart, beautifully opens the compilation. It’s a cerebral track that reminds me of Radiohead’s OK Computer foray. One of those tracks that you can listen to for the rest of the day, like it, but still don’t actually “get it.”

Another cool track to listen to is the mind numbing 11 minute progressive, electro-experimental noise cut, Parousia. The guys manage to create an explosion of texture and sound in the song. It’s one of those tracks you could leave at the background as you work or go about your business; leaving you with an interesting tune to fill in the silence.

Some of the influences that the members cite include the Aphex Twins, Animal Collective, Brian Eno and My Bloody Valentine to name a few. They certainly have their sound mapped out. It’s a great compilation for anybody interested in electronic experimental noise.

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