Power und Beauty is an all-female dreamy folk pop act that plays with weird instruments. The Gnome EP is the group’s first EP. It’s filled with beautiful vocal harmonies and even lovelier melodies. These four very talented ladies joined forces to showcase this wonderful 4 track EP.

Expect a fair share of whimsy, angelic vocal harmonies and a whole lot of accordion playing on this one. It’s definitely something to enjoy as you pass the afternoon away.

These multi-talented ladies seem to have a knack for making unusual instruments and weird hooks, just sound great. The Gnome EP is a free compilation that exudes a wonderful gypsy/Irish type of feel to it.

This short EP opens up with the delightful Beggars and Felons. Out of all the tracks this is probably the one with the most prominent accordions. The beautiful unison singing plus the sweet vocal solos make this a great opening song. It is then followed by the quirky Lavender. Like most of the group’s tracks, this one skillfully combines the melodic vocals with weird instrumentation and somewhat funny lyrics.

Peaches is a bit mellow compared to the first two tracks. It’s one of the cuts where you hear those rolling R’s in the vocal work and think Irish brogue! ¬†Finally, The Author of Spring is a quiet reverie that reminds me of (quieter version) Eisley or Emilie Lund.

This wonderful EP is definitely a must-have if you adore gorgeous folk vocals or whimsical pop. All four tracks have great qualities that make you fall for them even deeper the more you listen.

But here’s the bad news, shortly after recording this EP, the group actually broke up. Every girl- Karlie, Caroline, Anna and Sara – have gone their separate ways for one reason or another. Let’s just hope that they’ll cross each other’s paths again and create some more awesome music.

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