Solid and flawless, House of Tolerance embodies why Cambriana is a band that slow rock lovers can depend to.

Cambriana is Wassily Brasil, Luis Calil, Pedro Falcão, Heloísa Helena, Rafael Morisha, and Israel Santiago. House of Tolerance was started in pen by Luis Calil in late 2010. By March 2011, Wanderson Meireles joined him and contributed song ideas. Due to different geographical locations, much work was done via the Internet. The project was recorded in September in a home studio. By January 27, House of Tolerance was released boasting ten sonically diverse tracks. Currently, the band is planning on touring throughout the year.

The collection opens up with Vegas, a recollection of experiences encapsulated in a slow, ambient track. Layered vocals blends perfectly with spacey electro tunes.

An immediat favorite, Astray takes much power on its dark raw energy and drumbeat explosions. Another standout feature of this song are the well crafted verses that serves as a strong foundation to Cambriana’s music as a whole.

Approaching with more aggression, Face to Face energizes the mind and calm the senses. The ghostly yet passionate vocals shine through as it belts out on the right notes, adding more emotion to the song.

A pleasurable mix of guitars and drumbeats forefront Better Days. The engaging distorted bass and echoed guitar are cringe-worthy at its best. While Waltress utilizes choral voices backed-up with intricate string play-ups. The band’s talent is clearly showcased in this stylistically bold track.

In The Sad Facts, Cambriana uses their pop rock sensibility with upbeat hooking beats that’s dangerously addictive. Press play and loose your heart out in this calm, yet danceable piece.

Invicto closes the album in a nostalgic piano ballad and stretching percussion, slowly building into a plethora of musical arrangement that maximizes our emotion. The earthly vocals that builds, belts out, and slowly falls to destruction is just too tempting to be left unheard.

All in all, House of Tolerance hones the ears into an emotional and ambient listening experience. So press play, listen, relax, and let the good music flow naturally.

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