Life360 Family Locator

Always yearned for an app that could help you keep a track of your loved ones who do not have an access to a smartphone? Well, your prayers have just been answered with the Life360 Family Locator app for Android and iOS. This app very conveniently helps users to keep track on the location of their family members around the world giving periodic information about safety points and threats nearby, SOS alert. Functionality at its best is the mantra of this particular app. Created by Life360, this developer has a forte in developing family oriented app and looking at the download numbers, the app seems to be on a high-priority list for many. F

Barcode Scanner

If you are a geek and love fiddling around with the tech related stuff on Android, and HD games, fun apps, educational apps are not your cup of tea, then Barcode Scanner is the way to go without thinking twice. Created by ZXing Team, this developer might not have a lot under its belt, yet with the the download numbers for this app reaching high 250k you just might be for a real treat!

Focal Filter

Are you always distracted by your favorite social-networking site or game sites while working on some of the most important projects? Well, don't worry because there are always tools to help you get focused - and here is a great example of one of such tools, Focal Filter. Created by a group of indie developers (David Gelbart, Shan Naziripour and David Gong) the software is really well thought out and certainly needed by the present-generation computer wizards.

Auto Call Recorder

Here is one app that gives birth to a new genre altogether and that is a straight shooter category. Auto Call Recorder does what it says and what it has been developed for, i.e to record calls. Developed by Roman G. The developers are very quick in their response and have done quite a neat job with the development of this app.


The Android picture gallery is viewed by many as the best one in the game, but what if there are other apps that could outdo the leader himself. So if you feel up to a challenge make sure to check out QuickPic, which is said to be one of the biggest contenders. The app was created by alensw.com, a Chinese developer for whom QuickPic paved the way to over 92,000 downloads and one sure success story.


This one is for the serious business users or people who are a bit too obsessed with lists and locations. Catch is an app that packs-in a great punch and does its job really well. The app helps in capturing of ideas, picture-notes, jotting down written notes, attaching reminders and the likes with the ability to sync to the cloud and being available whenever and wherever. Created by Catch.com, a Top Developer on the Android Market, the app is well executed and on many instances it does come at par with Evernote, if not surpass it.


Love using high-speed 3G/4G on your device and multiplayer games just do not let you put your handset away? Do you go over your data plan turning the phone bill into a shocker to the wallet? To avoid such mishaps, users should download the Onavo app, which just might become your best friend. Created by Onavo, the developer have managed to make a very productive app without any visible glitches and a top performance.


nnoyed with the translations Google throws-up, with content making absolutely no sense at times. iTranslate is an app for all iOS device owners who go from country-to-country and find it difficult to adjust to the local language. Developed by Sonico Mobile, this mobile app is supposed to be one-of-the-most accurate and advanced in its genre. Yes, iTranslate does pack in a punch with accuracy and smooth feedback.