If you are a bookworm, but really cannot afford to lug around books with you on a daily basis, fret not, as Wattpad has seen your plight and brought up the best solution ever. The Wattpad app allows users to read as many books as they want for free without any incurring charges. Definitely the best way to satisfy the bookworm within.

Created by Wattpad, the developer has done the best initiative possible for all book lovers and is doing even more to help budding writers to promote their work. The Website version allows users to sign-up via their Facebook account and read to their hearts content.

The app scores huge on one front and that is, it is almost a universal application. Wattpad is available on iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone 7, Kindle Fire and on Web. It is presently the largest community of readers and writers, and continuously growing. The app boasts of more than 100,000 stories for discovery, while catering to various genres, interests and categories.

The app is highly intuitive to say the least, community members can express their likes and dislikes openly via comments, suggestions, vote for the best stories and even become fans of selected authors. The web version has various clubs that users can join, they range from Newcomes, Wattpad Readers, Wattpad Editors and many more. Categories available are humongous, with the availability of Non-teen fiction, Science, Classics, Horro, Vampire, Fan Fiction and a tons of other categories.

Overall, the app is surely the best app made for book lovers, irrespective of the platform. The app also offers some great features to increase the readability factor including scroll mode, night mode and offline reading. A whooping 5-out-of-5 rating for Wattpad.

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