Loose your feat on the dance floor with Shellee Shae‘s 2011 release Me vs Me. In this 12-track album, the Boston rapper gives us a rich slice of hiphop and R&B heaven.

Ladies Night opens up the album with heay tumping beats and layered rhytmic vocals. Shellee’s powerful voice showcase his imperial command on her chosen genre.

Following with stretching electro tunes, Here We Go is the perfect hiphop party anthem featuring Bellringer. Tara Strutt on the other hand delves more on the electronic dance department as steady beats exudes an upbeat perfect for steady partying.

Incoporating her brilliant rap skills, Checkn My Fresh is a condensed gem of verses and pop beats. Playin Wit Fire showcase a slower sexy tune where Shellee sings along with steady flowing beats that screams chill and coolness.

It Aint Easy seals up the album with an electro pop flair. I love how the upbeat exudes a joyful vibe that’s easy to listen to.

All in all, Me vs Me has encapsulated Shellee Shae‘s talent and versatility as a fully-fleshed artist. In this album, she has totally proven that she can sing and dance up a storm.

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