Casual gaming is quickly taking over the drivers seat within the Android and iOS and this time around it is Glow Hockey that shines. The game is a very smart adaption of Air Hockey with a visually appealing glow boards and pucks.

Developed by Natenai Ariyatrakool, the game is fast-paced and offers a variety of gameplay according to the players choice.

Glow Hockey is graphically intense and sets the post picturesque view on Super AMOLED and HD display in newer Android handsets, and of course on the iPhone and iPad. The glow board really integrates very well with the game and provides hours of fun without stressing or hurting the eye. It has no high-end game setup or options, just choose the difficulty mode and Volia! you are ready for competitiong against the AI.

The game has its own fair share of lags on older devices, but high-end Android users will experience the best of this game. Glow Hockey offers four difficulty levels, i.e Easy (walk-in-the-park), Medium (walk-in-the-park with few obstacles), Hard (A dangerous environment) and Insane (Well, the name says it all).

Developers have released an all-new version of the game, called Glow Hockey 2. This sequel adds a new board theme to the game, complete with a multiplayer option allowing two players to play on the same device. This is not a great addition as I experienced that the opponent can control and move my paddle in-game as well. Anyway, its a great time-killer game with neat graphics and guaranteed fun.

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