The once young JoJo is now a woman and she proves it in her beautifully composed and executed album, Can’t Take That Away From Me.

Exclusively released last September 2010 to, this free mixtape is a prelude to the singer’s third album formerly entitled All I Want Is Everything. The said album was then released as Jumping Trains under BlackGround records due to a misunderstanding with the songbird’s former record label.

This 11-song musical treat starts off with its title track, Can’t Take That Away From Me, a danceable song where the artist’s powerful voice is matched with equally raved up beats; if you are familiar with JoJo, imagine her former single Beautiful Girls with an addition of a powerful and edgy flair.

Running on Empty revamps JoJo from a sweet charmer to someone who belts out along stingy electric guitars, while the tracks entitled Pretty Please and My Time is Money will surely get your moves on with hand clapping rhythms and pure R&B tunes.

The album takes than a slightly slower turn with Just a Dream and Boy without a Heart, both of which showcase the singer’s amazing vocals backed up with gorgeous melodies and a handful of acoustic strings. Perfect tracks for a cozy afternoon.

One of my favorites, however, is In the Dark. The song quickly reminded me of a young Madonna… a young Madonna singing sexy electric beats, that is. This must-hear will surely give all the pop lovers out there that right kind of high.

I personally liked the whole album; there is nothing more remarkable than a young artist exploring new territory. Can’t Take That Away From Me offers fresh new tunes that were surely worth the risk.

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