Compelling, captivating, and very beautiful; these are just three words to describe Erica Shine’s “I Will Wait for You.”

Released just this September 2009, the album makes listeners thirst for more of this new comer. “I Will Wait for You” has 4 heartfelt songs, all written and composed by her.

Being a fan of several famous rock groups such as Evanescence and Linkin Park, Erica brings listeners to the next level with her confidence in blending rock, pop, and acoustic.

This album not only reflects her love for the said genres, but also her deep feeling of sharing her emotions to her listeners.


The songs in this album have different themes. “When Will It End” is a journey about love. This song is really perfect for those who are experiencing some emotional waves. It will surely take you sailing on the bittersweet corners of life and love.

“Oxygen” has a great combination of rock and pop adding to her very powerful vocals. The carrier single of this album, “I Will Wait for You,” is a very sincere song about hope and a promise. Among the 4 songs, this has the most soothing acoustic arrangement – definitely a recommended listen.

“No More Lies” is the last in this album. It may seem to be slow and careful, but this doesn’t mean that the song isn’t as powerful as “Oxygen.” In fact, it exemplifies explosive electric guitar distortions and, of course, accompanied by her sweet melodic tone – imagine the rise of a new Michelle Branch and Amy Lee combined.

“I Will Wait for You” is a great mixture of different genres – a positive point for Erica Shine’s courage as a newly rising singer. She will surely make listeners fall in awe of her voice.

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