Bask your soul in summer breeze and rain showers with Kira Velella‘s debut EP Daughter. Packed with six tracks, this sampler plate gives us a sneak peak to the New York-based singer/songwriter’s raw craftsmanship.

Embellished with bright vocals and song-salve tunes, every track in this album takes the listeners to a vulnerable place. Evident of this hypnotic charm is Lover, Move. In this opening track, Kira treats the listeners with soft soprano vocals seamlessly interweaved with intricate string plucking.

Traversing the eccentric avenue, Come Down toughens the melodies a bit with thick, textured electric guitar. This sharpness in arrangement is balanced out by the atmospheric, ambient delivery.


Transitioning the ears to pristine waters is Barn Swallow. Listen as each poetic line evokes deep emotions within the soul. While standout track Found Her, Found Her wraps up the album in an ethereal note. Hand-clapping beats slowly building with other instruments makes this a powerful ending note to the collection.

Daughter does a good job of presenting Kira Velella as a well-rounded artist that’s more than ready to make her mark on the indie landscape.

The album is available as pay-what-you-want/free download in Bandcamp.

Track List:
1. Lover, Move
2. Act Your Age
3. Come Down
4. Blood Moon
5. Barn Swallow
6. Found Her, Found Her

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