Get lost in hand-clapping beats and flavorful indie melodies in Rochester, NY-based duo Roses & Revolution‘s self-titled EP. Since its debut, the EP generated a lot of buzz and topped the iTunes singer/songwriter chart. It also garnered nods from industry tastemakers such as USA Today, American Songwriter, MTC, and Kings of A&R. Roses & Revolutions is the brainchild of musical duo Alyssa Coco and Matte Merritt.

Fans of The Lumineers, Ingrid Michaelson, and Colbie Calliat might want to celebrate as the five tracks in this collection plays within the same family of the mentioned artists.

Take Me With You welcomes our ears with an overflow of upbeat, Americana gems. Soaked with energy-driven and inventive arrangement, this song has a knack in capturing listeners with its accelerating and hand-clapping melodies.

These Walls blends a bit of slow tunes but still maintains that pop/americana vibe introduced in Take Me With You. It’s a refreshing breather that highlights Alyssa’s crisp and sweet voice, which has the perfect timbre for the duo’s chosen genre.

roses and revolution

Boomerang treats the ears with a quirky blend of intricate banjo strings and hooking beats. The track is a wonderful addition to the playlist as it brims with light-filled melodies and charming female vocals.

Roses & Revolution possesses a simple yet polished sound that warms the heart and soul. It has that kind of music that you’d want to listen to lighten up your mood.

Track List:
1. Take Me With You
2. These Walls
3. Down
4. Boomerang
5. These Walls (featuring Elvio Fernandes)

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