Flag White undergoes a musical overhaul. The scandinavian post-punk band member Bjørn Alexander Gøtzsche Lange returns to the good-all synth in his latest EP, Let Go.

Released last April 2011, the five-track album is a view into the progress of an artist who tries to maneuver nightmares and dreams into a splendid musical collection.

Rekindling a lost tie from synth, Another Song opens up with a mix of pop beats and dream wave. Echoing vocals add a dreamy vibe to the track.

Far Away touches the subject of forgetting and letting go. Close your eyes and let your mind float as its echoing vocals and lazy tunes keep a soothing vibe throughout.

Tracks like Your Heart Beats Mine, My Heartbeats Yours and Alaska are melodically impressive. Lyrically, Flag White is making strides to create concise and clever wordplays.

Closing track, Of Laughter and Forgetting, sets an appropriate tone for the emotionally peeling lyrics. It perfectly captures his successful attempt to get out of the box.

There’s nothing braver than an artist who explores undiscovered territories. In Let Go, Bjørn Alexander Gøtzsche Lange, better known as Flagwhite, grabbed the opportunity to build his versatility as a musician.

The album is available as a pay-what-you-want/free download in bandcamp.

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