After their self-titled debut EP, Nightlife fans didn’t have to wait long for a new album. Released last October 2011, the musical duo offers Radio, a collection of six glowing synthpop tracks.

Meeting in early 2010 at a Michigan show house, Caroline Myrick and Darin Rajabian shared a mutual love for dance and pop-music. The duo soon produced songs that blended Caroline’s soft vocals with Darin’s classic electro tracks.

On the Run is a great musical genesis for the album. From heavy drum beats and the plethora of instrumentation that follows, this song will surely take your ears back to the disco-infused era.

A personal favorite, Radio follows up with infectious tunes and playful key-arrangement. Caroline’s sweet voice takes the front row on this track. With ambient harmonies played on the background, this is definitely a must-hear.

Nineties paints a psychedelic musical soundscape with thick synths and arena-sized dream pop elements. It evokes an edgy ethereal vibe perfect for chilling out.

The duo’s abilities are maximized in their closing track Drive. This piece, maintains a pop sensibility while incorporating a higher dose of electro tunes.

Radio showcases some truly great music, I will not be surprised if Nightlife makes it big in the near future. The collaboration of the two artists flawlessly create tracks that are essential to any music lover.

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