Darin Rajabian

Nightlife: Nightlife EP

Darin Rajabian and Caroline Myrick return to the FrostClick scene with their self-titled debut album released last January 2011. Nightlife-EP boasts six infectious tracks that are strictly more disco-sounding than their second album Radio which was also featured here. There is a distinct brand in Nightlife’s music that you wouldn’t hear in any other band. The musical fusion of Darin’s euro-disco tunes and Caroline’s soft vocals make a solid foundation to the collection.

Nightlife: Radio

After their self-titled debut EP, Nightlife fans didn't have to wait long for a new album. Released last October 2011, the musical duo offers Radio, a collection of six glowing synthpop tracks. Meeting in early 2010 at a Michigan show house, Caroline Myrick and Darin Rajabian shared a mutual love for dance and pop-music. The duo soon produced songs that blended Caroline's soft vocals with Darin's classic electro tracks.