Loving the Android or the iOS, but yearn to have a feature like BBM on your device without any additional cost. Well, LiveProfile is just the perfect app for your needs. Users will be surprised how well LiveProfile mimics the BBM environment and does it with panache.

Developed by LiveProfile themselves, this app is slick, fast, intuitive, and personal. Users on Android and iOS are in for a big treat, in terms of functionality.

Talking about the User-Interface first, the app takes an eye-candy approach with an all-black theme. Users get fast access to various options in the form of four tabs; there is a Chat tab which notifies about the number of unread chat messages, the Friends tab, this displays all the LiveProfile friends, their statuses, and availability. Third tab is the Updates tab, where users can check for available updates to the LiveProfile and directly update from within the app itself. The last tab displays the user-profile, with all information about LiveProfile pin, status, profile picture, settings, and invite friends.

Like BBM, LiveProfile is also a real-time messenger by indicating icons for message delivery (D), message read (R), and also a display icon when the recipient is typing a response (…). So, all users who have shifted from their Blackberry device will really feel at home with this messenger app not only owing to features, but also with the availability of a special LiveProfile pin. The best part about LiveProfile is the functionality to communicate with overseas friends without any charges or in-app purchases. It is totally free, throughout the year.

The buck does not stop here as users have the option to share images, location, audio-files, data files and everything available on the smartphone with other users. Alongside all these neat features, LiveProfile also supports offline messaging, push notifications, landscape mode, emoticons, and statuses.

LiveProfile integrates very well with Social-Networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Users can share their LiveProfile PINs on these sites with just a tap.

There are many competitors to LiveProfile like KiK, PingChat!, WhatsApp, eBuddy XMS and more. Most of these messengers have very complicated setups, some are paid, and some are not just worth mentioning. Not only that, LiveProfile can be termed as a Global app, as it supports 13 languages.

The biggest surprise for users is the fact that though this app is a free-offering, there are no adverts and no in-app purchase to upgrade; the coolest feature without a doubt. Overall, I highly recommend this app for all iOS and Android users, due to the smooth integration it has to offer, with a plethora of options, and most importantly, 24X7 connectivity without any fees, purchase or recurring cost.

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