Trainyard Express is a free puzzle game available for download on your iPhone, iPod Touch or the iPad. This unique and challenging game directs you to control and move the trains from their starting points to their end points without crashing with each other. It sounds simple enough but a bit tricky to master.

Like most games, the game has a full version called, Trainyard. Downloading Trainyard Express is a good way to gauge whether you should get the full version of the game or not.  Unlike other trial versions that only feature 2-3 levels, this one offers 60 full levels for you to try out. These range from super simple to very difficult puzzles that will definitely keep you hooked. Why not give it a go right now and see whether this game will work for you or not. Get the free download at iTunes.

There are plenty of features to expect with this game. Each of the levels is unique so even if you decide to purchase the full version later on, you won’t be solving the same puzzles. Despite being free, Trainyard Express promises no Ads within the game. It also looks awesome when used on a bigger screen device like the iPad. Moreover, users can share their strategies online at plus, it also doesn’t hog up your battery like crazy.

Essentially, the game is simple and quite bare. It’s perfect for people who love to play Sudoku or pretty much anybody who doesn’t think that a good game has to have explosive graphics or incredible sound effects for  them to love. There are no time limits so you can take your time when solving even the most difficult puzzles.

Sample Gameplay of Trainyard:

Overall, it is perfect if you want to play something on your spare time. Even though it’s a lite game, Developer Matt Rix, likes to call it a “prequel” to Trainyard. Fact is, it feels like an entirely new game on its own.

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