Special Enquiry Detail

It is time to let your detective skills kick-in and solve amazingly intriguing mysteries with their far-share of twists. Special Enquiry Detail is a game that puts the player in the shoes of Detective Turino and Detective Lamonte. The game can really make a player scratch those grey cells of theirs. Created by G5 Entertainment, the developer has done a fanatstic job by churning out titles such as Special Enquiry Detail and the quality can be seen in the game.


Have your own set of interests, but really find it difficult coming across that perfect content to match your satisfaction? Well, StumbleUpon is just the app ready to satisfy taste buds of thousands of smartphone users who just love finding out new stuff connected to their point-of-interest. Created by StumbleUpon Inc, the app work as an extension to the popular website used by nearly 20 million users and just like our desktop companion this little masterpiece gets the job done well in a jiffy.

[TEDTalk] J.J. Abrams’ mystery box – are you ready to take a peek?

Science-fiction lovers and mystery freaks, make way for the great screenwriter, producer, and director of the series such as Alias, Lost, Fringer, and The Office and movies like the new Star Trek, Cloverfield, Armageddon, and Mission Impossible III and IV. Jeffrey Jacob J.J. Abrams gave a talk at TED way back March 2007. He shared his high-flying passion about the unseen mystery. He also talked about his some of his popular works and tried to trace how hed come to love science-fiction and the unknown.