If you’re looking for a new garage band to love, then you might want to check out The Beehive Spirit. This cool and short EP is filled with jangly guitars, half wailing vocals and boppy beats that border on garage pop and indie hipster rock.

This San Francisco band likes to play sunshine rock that’s infused with psychedelic rock. Their self-titled EP includes 4 tracks that would surely please indie music fans everywhere. The EP took about a year in the making and the band collaborated with several artists in the process; most notably,  Jeremy Black and Cochrane Miller.

The Beehive Spirit EP is one album worth checking out. It definitely provides good vibes throughout. This short EP starts off with perhaps the catchiest cut from the compilation, Monkey Song. The 50 and 60s vibe of the song pulls in a great mood off the bat. With an upbeat tempo and hazy vocals, the song makes for an instant hit. The lo-fi cut is boppy and certainly easy to groove to. Meanwhile, First Day Back in the City pulls back a bit on the tempo but just enough to still make you head bob a bit.

Howl, is sprinkled with hints of Modest Mouse and Franz Ferdinand. On the other hand,Georgia Hotel was recorded in “Greg Ashley’s (Gris Gris) studio warehouse in Oakland.” The track is mellow and quite moody. The atmospheric vocals and gentle, hazy sound that comes with it is perfect for putting you in a reflective mood.

The best part is that the EP is available for free download. Just enter zero in the amount portion when you click download from their BandCamp site. You can, of course, donate any amount you want to help out the band. This will definitely go a long way.

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