Backbeat Soundsystem‘s latest artistic venture, One Step Forward, is more than just music. It’s a euphoria of the mind.

Hailing from Cornish, St. Austell, this 8-piece band offers traditional reggae music splashed with a steady dose of party sounds. They have only been formed for a short time but have already made their spot on the Cornwall music scene and other festival circuits across the UK.

One Step Forward opens up with a pure reggae sensibility. Steady grooves are fluttered throughout the track, making this the perfect backdrop for late night drinks with friends.

Taking on an acoustic refix, Lovedub follows up with a blend of charming country strings and psychedelic party sounds. I love how they used electronic tunes while maintaining a reggae-infused guitar in the background—a friendly reminder of the band’s intriguing music palette.

Old Friend of Mine is a flawless infusion of charm and edge. Stomping bass and dub synths create an upbeat track that’s just pleasant to the ears.
No3 Dogma Street- Rektchordz Remix closes the stage with a genuine club vibe. Loose yourselves while painting abstract soundscapes of dance tunes and unpretentious rapping.

One Step Forward is an escape of the mind. Backbeat Soundsystem has proven their talent and musical range by creating songs that transcend genre limitations.

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