Mikaela Davis charms our hearts with whimsical pleasures in her self-titled musical project. The harpist/singer-songwriter from Rochester brings new eclectic flavors to the indiescape with 13 well-composed pieces.

Fluttering atop piano keys is Oh Brother. Davis surprises the listeners with her distinct vocals that curls and folds in the right places. While Where Will We Go follows with dream folk arrangement reminiscent of Camera Obscura.

Slowing things a bit is I’m Just Tryin to Be Your Friend. Mikaela Davis has hints of rock and soul in her voice that add spice to her saccharine sound. The track is pleasurable to listen to as it is both edgy and quirky.

Garden incorporates a jungle of instrumentation, creating an organic whole that flutters and accentuates Davis’ ambient musings.

In Ballad of a Winter’s Past, we are serenaded by ethereal tunes and harp melodies that flow smoothly in the ears. River, on the other hand, gets a bit funky and eclectic with accentuated beats set against soft cooing strings. This stark contrast hooks the ears for a replay.


Wait for the Day closes the album in acoustic beauty. Listen as Davis’ angelic voice swirls effortlessly in between strings and keys.

Strip the production and arrangement factor and Mikaela Davis still holds a strong card compared to others—a unique, majestic voice that leaves a mark hours after playing the album.

Track List:
1. Oh Brother
2. Where Will We Go
3. Dreaming
4. I’m Just Tryin to Be Your Friend
5. Michigan & the BQE
6. Garden
7. Untitled
8. Ballad of a Winter’s Past
9. Something Better
10. River
11. Junction
12. Silence & Noise
13. Wait for the Day

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