Emerging from the gloomy smoky bar aesthetic, Wotienke‘s latest release Please Read This For Me lavishes on casual jazzy pop tracks that are pleasant to the ears.

The Netherlands-based band was formed by piano singer Wotienke Vemeer when she met four musicians (Karel Cinibuk, Jan Boroš, Ondrej Adámek and Martin Janírek) in an eastern village in the Czech Republic. Five years later, the musical group have already toured through half of Europe and recorded their full-length album Mainland Sailors.

Breath, gets the album off to a stellar start with its emphasis towards crafting a classic-sounding piece blended with lush and beyond-simple instrumentality.

Title track, Please Read This For Me uses the piano and other keys as its forefronts. Vemeer’s saccharine and eccentric vocals is hard to resist. It adds a dreamy atmosphere to the band’s music.

Maintaining a coherent sonic foundation, Keep It Quiet stays on the boundaries of soothing jazz. Press play, cuddle up and devour on this soulful piece.

Out There seals up the collection with a lot of experimentation. The play-up within Vemeer and Václav Havelka (additional vocals) is placed in a plethora of instruments that surprisingly sounds good.

Wotienke produces tracks that are musically biting. Please Read This For Me is a vivid showcase of a budding group that elevates in so many levels. This is indeed an imaginative set that reveals more upon repeat listens.

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