Fill your mornings with a perk-up of positivism from sweet tunes of Judah & The Lion. In Sweet Tennessee, the Nashville-based band cooks up six songs that celebrates their folk roots.

Welcoming our ears is Back’s Against a Wall, a pleasant mix of subtle guitar strings syncopated with folksy twang from front-man Judah Akers. Listen as the sheer cleanliness starts up a cozy fire in your soul.

In Hesitate, Judah & The Lion plays with rhythm and pause to create a touch of quirkiness into the song. Here, Judah’s country tonality is smoothed with ambient female vocals for a polished ensemble that gives a lot of reasons to press repeat.

Meanwhile, Our Love paints authentic country landscaped through tastefully arpeggiated banjo riffs that are punctuated with intermittent feet-stomping beats. Another male-female duo breathes life into the melodies, creating a heartwarming dreamy piece to calm your senses.

It’s always great to listen to music that motivates you to move and think positively. In Sweet Tennessee, Judah & The Lion has created the perfect recipe to start your day.

So download, press play, and let the six creation of this promising group accompany you in your everyday journey.

Track List:
1. Back’s Against The Wall
2. Hesitate
3. Our Love
4. Sweet Tennessee
5. Seasons Colors
6. Southern Ground

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