Before releasing French Exit this year, LA-based band TV Girl has crafted yet another flavorful indie album, Lonely Women, released in 2013. The five-track collection features youthful pop tunes that brings a depth of freshness and fun to the indie block, in a not too ‘sweet’ manner. TV Girl is the brainchild of Brad Petering, Jason Wyman, and Wyatt Hamon.

The pop-induced goodness begins in She Smokes in Bed, where the band treats us with a cacophony of beats and drums laden with hints of chimes. Coupled with catchy, spacey vocals that injects a dosage of ear-bopping lines in the chorus, this song screams indie pop from its core.

My Girlfriend is a catchy piece that imbibes a lo-fi, classic pop radio feel. Just like the first track, the vocals in this song has a laid-back, too-cool naiveté, only with increased rhythm and beat.

One of the crowd favorites, Melanie swings you back and forth in infusions of soul and grainy synth pop. A steady electro hook that plays consistently on the background serves as the backbone that supports the stellar lines delivered in ’80s pop style.

Whether you’re driving home, on a quick vacation, or just chillin’ at home, TV Girl has crafted the perfect tracks in Lonely Women that will make your day seem more complete.

Track List:
1. She Smokes in Bed
2. Laura
3. My Girlfriend
4. Easier to Cry
5. Melanie

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