Aaron Kaufman is, step by step, taking over the acoustic stage. His latest musical venture Hello, Dear weaves 6 stellar tracks that are poised to be the next acoustic pop anthems.

Rooted in the middle of Minessota winters and Texas summers, this singer/songwriter have already garnered national recognition including being one of the winners of the 2008 BMI John Lennon Songwriting Scholarship and NPR Whad’Ya Idol Competition. He’s currently based in Houston, and is working on a solo CD while playing with folk pop band Edmund Evans.

All My Life approaches with a bubbly and soothing vibe. Charming tunes are laced up with playful verses and guitar strings. Following track, Lover You Should Know is a sexy acoustic serenade. It’s that kind of song that’s perfect for those intimate dinners.

The City Never Sleeps slowly blooms in your ears with its saccharine-sweet sentimentality. The incorporation of a radio-like vocal gives an added flavor to Kaufman’s music palette.

Closing the set with a nostalgic flair, Five White Ships (Marie Mix) forefronts Kaufman’s earthly voice with ambient violin solos. This musical masterpiece is flawlessly arranged.

It will not be long until Aaron Kaufman hits everyone’s playlist. Hello, Dear EP clearly showcases his ability to evoke emotions hidden deep within ourselves.

This album is produced by Aaron and Mark Kaufman. The album cover is designed by Alex Sciuto.

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