Stomacher‘s Sentimental Education approaches like a storm in a clear skyline. Featuring ten tracks of ambient rock music, this collection harvest our emotions creating something that will sink deep in our cores.

Hailing from San Francisco, CA, Stomacher is Jarrod, John, Jeff, Stephen, and Greg. They describe their music as a sound that’s a bit of Radiohead, a little Interpol, and slightly reminiscent of Portishead, but still entirely and uniquely their own. Currently, their full-length album Clara has just been released last June 20.

Title track Sentimental Education opens up with a classic violin ensemble slowly evolving into deep-toned bass and steady drum beats. The track feeds off from a dark, hazy energy that makes this sonic piece ethereally hypnotic.

A personal favorite, Ghost Wail is a slow burning ambient masterpiece. With a vocal delivery that sounds like its bursting with abstract feelings, this track is rich with texture, timbre, and poetic lines. Following with a louder approach, Behavior is a drum-heavy slow rock that will certainly give you the chills.

In The Devil, the band explores the territories of jazzy horns and soft calming sounds. Ghostly vocals reaches the upper echelons of ethereal as it calmly travels through swirling synths and atmospheric guitars. Coming on a Black Day, on the other hand, gives us a healthy dose of psychedelic high as the laid-back arrangement is coupled with the earthly sexy vocals.

Stomacher closes up their collection with Untitled/Dark Divider, an eclectic ambient piece with a more uplifting mood.

There is no doubt, Sentimental Education is an outstanding album. Each track flows effortlessly to the next without halting the edgy ambient experience that the band offers. Stomacher has discovered a very unique musical territory, and we’re glad that they have stayed.

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