A group as good as √úber-Ich will need to fasten their seatbelts to stardom. Their first EP, Moza√Įque, is a vivid representation of passion and superb talent rolled into one.

This musical trio of Chris Kok, Donata Kramarz and Marnix Dorrestein, offers experimental pop tracks that are bursting with a wide variety of flavors. What makes them different from other groups is their unusual musical palette consisting of light theatrical sounds mixed with eccentric instrumentation.

Page opens with a dark and dreamy approach exploring deep human emotions. Layered vocals are perfectly counterbalanced with a¬†hand clapping¬†beat that’s just too good to be left unheard.

Following with a lighter pop aesthetic, Uniform Child is that kind of song that’s fun and catchy. Dance away with its hooking keyboard exercises and upbeat vibe.

An immediate favorite, Dragging Behind can be considered as the most theatrical piece in the set. The verses are full of tricks and imagery. Donata’s voice is also perfect for this bright and glossy song.

Traversing a slower avenue, Easy touches  our dreams and imaginations. I love how the track can be split into two contrasting parts; dark (church-like organ) and bright (chimes). This one-of-a-kind serenade proves that the group is not afraid to widen their horizons and explore new territories.

√úber-Ich is definitely ready to conquer the¬†sound waves. Their raw energy, potential and emotive qualities drip from every pore of their EP Moza√Įque producing tracks that are dangerously infectious.

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