Nick D’ & the Believers‘ new EP, Throwing Stones, is the sound of a perfect Sunday bumming on the beach. Bringing into play some woozy, funky new soul, the band has been quickly gaining popularity on the indie scene after launching their video of Find A Little Love.

Throwing Stones EP serves as an appetizer to the groups forthcoming album, We Grew Up Wild, which release date is yet to be announced. The EP has three super new soul/chillwave pieces, including title track Throwing Stones, which is a smooth down-tempo piece with a bit of grain and electro hook on the background.

Crowd favorite Find A Little Love follows with a charming pop arrangement that perfectly supports the effortless vocals. Whether its the acoustic musings or the simplicity yet coolness of this song, it has a certain charm that would urge you to sing along with it.

While My Way Home closes the album on full-on chillwave with heavy use of synths, effects processing, and loops. Combined with slow jams and dreamy lyrical reflections, the track reverberates the perfect summer glow.


Throwing Stones EP is a strong introduction to what Nick D’ & the Believers‘ music is all about. So what are you waiting for? Put on your sunscreen, hit the waves, and let this album accompany you during your quick weekend escapade.

Track List:
1. Throwing Stones
2. Find A Little Love
3. My Way Home

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