The EP Twelve Minutes And A Day is the debut album of the UK music duo The Rift which composes of Aleena Arfan and Charlotte Adams. These girls are only sixteen year old, yet they are incredibly talented.

Twelve Minutes And A Day welcomes the ears with a boost of energy. It is an upbeat track that is definitely a playlist keeper. The lyrics are fun in a nostalgic way. It seems to tell the beginnings of The Rift. The musical style of the duo is alternative pop-tastic and it is exhibited in this track.

Alternative rock at its finest, The Fourth Millennium is poignant, and a pure showcase of Adam’s vocals because of its versatility. The lyrics are even more soulful than expected and tell a story. The last few minutes of the track is brilliantly sung and the drifting is epic.

Panacea gets my vote as the most interesting track in the album. The drifting of the track is amazingly put together in an ethereal way. The Rift‘s creativity is at its peak in this track. Soft and moving, “Panacea” also showcases Adam’s flawlessly dreamy vocals.

Folk, nice and slow, Let’s Pretend is a beauty to behold. Adam’s ether, dreamy vocals will surely captivate your hearts. She hits those high notes perfectly, and it does not even hurt our ears.

Twelve Minutes And A Day is a five-track EP that will definitely delight the listeners. It has an undeniable charm that will move you in a dreamy, artistic world of music.

Track List:
1. Twelve Minutes And A Day
2. The Fourth Millennium
3. Panacea
4. Overthrown
5. Let’s Pretend

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