Anybody who has been familiar with the hit game Diner Dash will recognize this game too. Here comes another game for anyone who likes the idea of running their own shop complete with coffee, sweets and cakes.

Coffee Shop is another time management game with a twist. Don’t be fooled by the cute store sign, this free to play game will frustrate your eye-hand coordination skills after a couple of levels.

You start the game as a girl looking for a job. Then you get mysteriously drafted by a lady with a cake shop. You then learn the ropes on how to serve customers and give them cakes with jelly-like filling in them. Then as you get better at it and as more people review the cake shop, you get more money and higher pay. This kind of gameplay follows the tradition that the Diner Dash games have set for manager or even tycoon type of games. Even if this is the first time that you have played this type of game, you will find out that it really is simple and easy to learn.

cake shop gameplay screenshot

Cute and Challenging
Do not make the mistake of taking this game lightly. As more equipment is added in the Cake Shop and as more customers come pouring in, you will soon realize how difficult and challenging this game can be. You need to concentrate fully and never panic. With so many things to accomplish, so many cakes to make, so many treats to give and a whole lot of angry customers to please, Cake Shop becomes a cake shop of horrors if you don’t play the game right. Be prepared.

cake shop house

More than point and click
What sets Cake Shop apart from its bigger predecessors is the fact that you not only get to expand your business, you can also build your own home and decorate it with the money you earn from the Cake Shop. Now comes the challenge of budgeting your money. Are you after more profit? Or are you the type of person who wants to settle down as soon as you can?

Cake Shop is the type of free to play game that gives off a nice, innocent aura but packs a deadly punch underneath. Prepare your mind, your eyes and your mouse for the most thrilling Cake Shop time management game!

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